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Amanda B. Kish, CFA, believes in four things -- democracy, the pursuit of happiness, the right to chocolate, and investing in mutual funds. As the advisor for the Motley Fool's Champion Funds newsletter service, Amanda cuts through the mutual fund forest and shines a spotlight on those rare funds that are truly worthy of an investor's wallet.

After earning an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Rochester's Simon School of Business, Amanda spent several years working in the asset-management industry at a regional investment firm in Rochester, N.Y. There, she headed up the firm's mutual fund consulting division. In this role, Amanda led a group of analysts who were responsible for selecting winning mutual funds for the firm's clients. Amanda and her team spent many an hour pouring over the finer points of countless mutual funds and learning what it takes for a fund to generate market-beating returns.

While working in this capacity, Amanda also became a CFA charterholder (passing all three levels on the first try, nonetheless!). Amanda subsequently joined the Fool as one of the leading mutual fund writers, sharing her knowledge and love of mutual funds with readers across the land.

It's a little-known fact that Amanda spent several years in college as a musical theater major, training for a career on Broadway. However, she gave up her professional singing ambitions and entered the cold, cruel business world. Amanda now enjoys singing as a hobby and performs onstage with local community theater groups.

Relying on her years of experience and education, Amanda tackles the mutual fund industry head on, sharing her expertise with Champion Funds readers. While it's true that many mutual funds are a waste of time -- and money-- Amanda highlights those few top-notch funds that deserve a special gold star from investors. And if that doesn't work out, she figures she can always fall back on her singing career.

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