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For the past decade, Dayana Yochim has proudly donned a jester cap (even on good hair days) to take on the overwhelming, contradictory, and just plain confusing world of money and investing at The Motley Fool. As the Fool's consumer finance expert and advisor of The Motley Fool Green Light service, she cuts through the tangle of money topics -- savings, spending, home buying, credit cards, insurance, IRAs, and the psychology of money -- to offer concrete, actionable advice that helps people measurably improve their finances and make every dollar count. She strongly encourages readers to cheat off her homework.

She frequently shares her unique perspective and fresh personal finance advice in print and on the airwaves, with appearances on "The Today Show," Fox News, PBS, CNN, National Public Radio, Real Simple, Glamour, Jane, Essence, Men's Health, Details, Newsweek, Bridal Guide, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and, of course, her hometown Kansas newspaper, The Lawrence Journal-World. (Hi mom!)

Dayana is the author of two books, The Motley Fool's Guide to Couples & Cash: How to Handle Money with your Honey and The Motley Fool Personal Finance Workbook, as well as a contributor to The Motley Fool's Money After 40 and The Motley Fool's What to Do With Your Money Now. Keep up with Dayana's latest Fool.com columns on her Motley Fool archive page or take a free 30-day test drive of her Motley Fool Green Light service.

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