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Who is James Early?

A former hair model? "Six-Pack (Abs) in 6 Minutes!" superstar? Motley Fool Income Investor advisor?

Amazingly, he's only one of these things. James (TMFJamesEarly on the boards) is, in fact, the advisor of the Motley Fool Income Investor newsletter service. But even if he isn't an ab superstar, he does have many other talents - and most importantly, he knows his way around dividend stocks.

James -- the Fool's former director of research and analysis -- appears regularly in national media like CNN, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and Men's Health and is an anchor commentator on Motley Fool Money, the Fool's weekly radio show.

The Fool plucked James out of the hedge fund pond, where he put his B.S. in finance (magna cum laude, no less) to work as an analyst at a long-short equity limited partnership. Through hours of late-night spreadsheet madness, James learned how to build a mean model, fired holes in company balance sheets, and became familiar with buzzwords like "statistical arbitrage" and "derivative-hedged equity." He also developed a penchant for nuts-and-bolts fundamental analysis and learned to think outside the Wall Street box.

Speaking of life outside Wall Street, James is a big believer in being a whole person. (That's partially why he ended up at the Fool.) So outside of investing, he likes to dabble in things like conifers, ice and rock climbing, and kung fu - a 20-year dabble at last count.

Have you found the secret to life? To being a whole person? To finding the best dividend stocks? Email James to let him know.

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