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Ryan C. Fuhrmann, CFA, just started writing for the Fool in 2006, but he has been an avid Foolish reader since the dawn of the iPod -- in other words, the past few years.

Ryan earned his undergraduate degree in business from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and settled on a pursuit of investing after taking a class called "Security Analysis." He also set about earning his CFA designation at the same time and has since become actively involved with the CFA Institute. As a CFA exam grader for five years running, he now firmly believes that it is far better to grade exams than actually take them. Ryan has also been a member of the MBA Investment Fund, where he first learned to run DCF valuations.

After a stint in Texas, which included time in Austin earning an MBA from the University of Texas, Ryan now resides in Indianapolis. He and the woman who is now his wife sat next to each other on the first day of orientation back at UT.

Before writing for the Fool, Ryan worked in a gargantuan bank trust department -- which has since probably grown even larger -- where he managed money for high-net-worth individuals. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys traveling and catches as many live music shows and movies as possible. His aspirations include reading as much as Charlie Munger does and morphing into a well-read book with legs.

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