What We Do

The Motley Fool provides financial solutions for investors of every kind. Our products and services -- whether free or fee-based, online or offline -- are designed to help people take control of their financial lives. Our offerings include:

Fool.com: Whether it's analyzing the latest earnings reports or helping investors find the next home run stock, the Fool's award-winning website publishes hundreds of articles each week. Fool.com offers news, analysis, and commentary through wide-ranging distribution partnerships with Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and many others.

CAPS: Outperform ... or underperform? The Fool's groundbreaking stock-rating service provides unique insights into what Motley Fool community members (as well as more than 100 professional Wall Street firms) think about the stocks investors own. More than 5,000 stocks -- and the thousands of investors who cover them -- carry a rating from one to five stars, making CAPS a must for investors seeking new ideas (or a second opinion on their investments).

Subscription investment newsletter services: Big-value blue-chips, undiscovered small caps, and explosive growth stocks -- the Fool's family of subscription newsletters delivers superior investment ideas for investors of every profile.Backed by a team of analysts, every one of The Motley Fool's products is focused on delivering market-beating stock and fund recommendations -- and building a transparent track record to prove it.

Motley Fool Asset Management: Motley Fool Asset Management offers a family of retail and institutional investment services that strive to deliver superior long-term performance, with an emphasis on independent investment thinking and disciplined financial analysis – plus Foolishly clear communications.

Motley Fool Money Radio: Syndicated to radio stations across America, Motley Fool Money is an irreverent, fast-paced look at the world of business and investing.

Newspaper column: Through a successful decade-long partnership with Universal Press Syndicate, some 125 publications across North America carry The Motley Fool's weekly newspaper column.

Books: With a dozen titles and more than 2 million books in print, The Motley Fool has built a library of investing and personal-finance classics. The Motley Fool Investment Guide and Rule Breakers, Rule Makers are among several of the company's New York Times and BusinessWeek bestsellers. In early 2009 The Motley Fool's Million Dollar Portfolio hit the bestseller lists of USAToday, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Amazon.com.

Media: Motley Fool analysts and advisors offer independent analysis and engaging commentary for business reporters as well as radio and TV producers.Members of the media may request a one-page guide to the Fool's top spokespeople and their areas of expertise by contacting the company's media relations department.

Fool UK: Launched in 1998, http://www.fool.co.uk/ is one of the UK's most popular financial websites, with more than 2 million members. This wholly owned subsidiary of The Motley Fool has also published several books, including three editions of the best-selling Motley Fool UK Investment Guide.

Foolanthropy: Since 1997, The Motley Fool's innovative giving program has raised nearly $3 million for various well-managed charities, including Grameen Bank, Share Our Strength, and Heifer Project International. Channeling the power of its online community, The Motley Fool selects deserving organizations from hundreds nominated by members each year. In 2008, Foolanthropy began focusing its efforts on financial literacy and education.

Consumer finance: From buying a home to dealing with taxes, and from managing credit-card debt to saving for retirement, Fool.com's Personal Finance Center provides actionable advice to help members save more and spend smarter.