What is this “Billing.Fool.Com” charge on my credit card statement?

We at The Motley Fool have a mission to help the world invest better, and we are investors helping investors to create the world’s greatest investing community. If you see a “BILLING.FOOL.COM” charge on your credit card, it means you’ve recently joined us or renewed your membership in one of The Motley Fool’s investing services.

Not sure what services you’ve joined? Simply visit My Fool to see details about your membership. If you have additional questions about your membership, just drop us a note at membersupport@fool.com or call us at 844 611 9905 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday .  To locate your account, we will need the email address on file associated with your paid subscription.

Our services bring you our advisors’ top investing recommendations, guidance, and updates, so we want to get you in the right place as quickly as possible. Just check out this page to discover which services best suit your investing goals. Our most popular services are Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, so if you know that’s where you belong, follow the links to go there directly.

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