How do I change my Motley Fool password?

If you’d like to change your Motley Fool password, you can do so here. Your password must be at least 8 characters long, and we strongly recommend you use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. As a bonus tip, you’ll probably want to avoid “123456” and “password” as your passwords at the Fool and in general.

Oh, and you’re welcome to change your password as often as you’d like.

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  1. I joined the Motley Fool Adviser for 3 years on 9/3/2015. I had a special deal, with extra stuff thrown in, like about why you shouldn’t pay for TV. Well after filling in my e-mail, and my password, which it would not accept, I ran out of time. I had to go. I do not understand why the only password you seem to accept is my login password for my email. I do not want to have my login password and my email password the same. What is wrong with this? I cannot get a phone number to talk to a human. I would rather cancel my membership than give you my email password. So since I cannot talk to a human about this problem, I would like to officially cancel my subscription. I am receiving emails, but if I try to log in, I get the message, “default mail client is not properly installed. I would like to be a member, but I don’t want the same password for both my email account and my Fool account. If this is my only alternative, then please cancel my membership