How do I get and use The Motley Fool with the Google Assistant on Google Home?

The Motley Fool now works with the Google Assistant on Google Home! At long last, the dreams of individual investors everywhere have come true: Now you can check your stocks while washing the dishes … or lounging on the couch away from your electronics … or cooking dinner … or taking a bubble bath. The Motley Fool has launched on the Actions on Google platform, letting you check on the stocks you own and even create a watchlist of the companies that matter to you.

What is Google Home?

If you’re not among those who have invited Google Home into your, um, home, allow us a brief introduction. It’s a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start with, “Ok Google.” If you feel a pressing need to learn more or to buy one, go here and get started with monitoring your investments (our favorite use).

What information can I get from The Motley Fool with the Google Assistant on Google Home?

The Motley Fool on Google Home lets you ask for a stock quote by speaking the name of a company or a major index (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, or S&P). There’s no need to memorize tickers or deal with the frustration of our alphabet containing so many letters that sound similar (“Did you say B or V?” “No, I said P!”).

You can also create and manage a stock watchlist, easily adding and removing stocks you want to follow, and getting an overview of your watchlist’s daily performance.

Here are some things you can ask:

  • Ok Google, ask The Motley Fool for Facebook.
  • Ok Google, ask The Motley Fool how is the market doing today.
  • Ok Google, ask The Motley Fool for my watchlist.
  • Ok Google, ask The Motley Fool how the Dow is doing.
  • Ok Google, ask The Motley Fool to add Amazon to my watchlist.

Want to know how such a skill might work in real life? Here’s Motley Fool radio and podcast personality Chris Hill taking his Google Assistant for a test drive.

How do I enable The Motley Fool action for the Google Assistant on Google Home?

Your Motley Fool action is automatically enabled for all Google Home devices. BUT in order for you to experience all the magic of our watchlist, you’ll need to go into your Google Home app, choose Settings, and then turn on “Personal results.” They must be enabled in order for your watchlist to work.

How much will this cost me?

The Motley Fool action is free of charge. Woo hoo!

Do I need a Motley Fool account to use this?

Nope! Looking up a company and building a watchlist are all available without an account. As we get feedback from our users, we’ll explore additional functionality that might need to be stored with a Motley Fool account, or even tools that integrate with the Fool’s suite of premium services.

Questions or feedback?

We want to hear from you: did you find something wrong, hear something funny, or have a cool idea you want to share? We would love any and all of your feedback. Just shoot us an email at and we’ll get right on it.

Looking for information on The Motley Fool skill on Alexa? You can find it here.

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