How do I change my Motley Fool user name?

Like tattoos, user names can be chosen rashly and ultimately regretted. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now “ForeverEnron” seems like a bad way to identify yourself throughout The Motley Fool. Fortunately — and unlike a tattoo — changing a user name is easy, painless, and requires no lasers.

So, how do you change your Motley Fool user name? Just click over to our user name change page and make the swap. (If you have a CAPS account, the change there may be delayed due to system caches.)

A couple important notes:

  • You can change your username a maximum of three times per year.
  • Nobody, including you, will be able to use your old user name again.
  • And all your previous names will show up on your personal profile, so think long and hard before choosing your next one.

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