How much time does it take to invest?

Professional investors and inland lighthouse operators might have enough time to read Warren Buffett’s legendary 500 pages of financial information every day. For the rest of us, we’ve got lives to lead.

How much time does it take to invest?

The truth is that it takes far less time than you think to become a successful investor. Yet, aside from the myth that investing is only for the rich, the myth of time is the biggest obstacle for so many people to take charge of their financial future.

Don’t get me wrong, you can lock yourself in a room for hours on end, memorizing 10Qs, if that’s your thing. But that actually might be hurting your returns. Over-analysis is not the investor’s friend.

Lots of Stock Advisor members tell us they spend as little as a half hour each week on investing – less time than it takes the average person to finish the Sunday crossword. And they’re actively building their portfolios and taking control of their financial futures. The key is that instead of digging into balance sheets and income statements, they let Stock Advisor’s team of experts do the heavy lifting of analyzing companies, crunching the numbers, and coming up with their best recommendations. Then they see if those stocks make sense in their portfolios.

So, for hundreds of thousands of Stock Advisor members, building wealth, opportunity, and security simply means:

  • Saving a portion of each paycheck in a 401(k) account. Time: none after setup.
  • Putting aside a bit in a college savings account for their kids. Time: none after setup.
  • Reading the 2 new stock ideas from Stock Advisor each month, interacting with the live community of members, and checking their inbox for news on stocks they already own. Time: maybe half hour a week.

That’s right, in less than a couple hours a month – more if you want, less if you prefer – you can make significant steps to ensure your lasting financial welfare.

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