What is the Internet of Things?

It’s been called the wave of the future. The next big thing. The investing opportunity of a lifetime. And a bunch more.

But what exactly is the Internet of Things?

Glad you asked.

As we explain in our Internet of Things webinar, “Today, your computer and phone are connected to the Internet, but soon our whole world will be … from our cars to our homes to entire cities. Industries like health care, energy, and manufacturing will be transformed.”

More specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad trend that’s been years in the making, but has only recently become economically viable. Costs for cellular models have declined while the rise of cellular networks has created nearly ubiquitous connectivity.

The IoT is all about expanding this Internet connectivity to everyday objects. That, in turn, will create incredible amounts of data that will lead to better-informed decisions on just about everything.

The IoT has the potential to dramatically change how people live their daily lives by providing the data and connectivity for people to optimize lifestyle choices around.

You can expect to see benefits in everything from savings on your utility bill from improved efficiency, to improving automobile safety by having cars speak directly to each other.

Or think about having a sensor inside or on your body that can preemptively warn you before you have a heart attack. What if you had greater access to your personal health data to improve your diet? The possibilities are limitless.

To learn more, including ways to invest in the growing trend, click over to our Internet of Things page.

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