Can I invest in U.S. stocks if I don’t live in the U.S.?

Whether it’s for their sheer size or their perceived safety, U.S. markets are popular vehicles for international investors.

The Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange is going to provide greater accessibility, liquidity, stability, and transparency than, say, the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange.

But if you live outside the United States, are you allowed to invest in U.S. stocks?

The answer is probably.

A few countries have laws prohibiting their citizens from investing in the United States … but citizens of those countries probably don’t have access to The Motley Fool.

Taking a look at The Motley Fool’s broker center, most online brokers offer global trading on foreign exchanges, making pretty clear that today’s markets are truly international.

Keep in mind that some countries have limitations on how much their citizens can invest in foreign companies, so check with your broker to avoid inadvertently breaking the law. But otherwise, the United States is open for business.

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