What’s the difference between MDP and MDP 360?

The Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio is designed to build a balanced portfolio from the best stocks around the Fool, focusing on key traits that build successful business for the long run.

As the site says, “The Million Dollar Portfolio team is on the hunt for the best companies in our Motley Fool stock-picking services. We believe that buying and holding sound companies goes hand in hand with sound investing, and we’ll fit these companies together into a diversified, risk-adjusted portfolio with the aim of beating the S&P 500’s total returns by a substantial margin.”

As for MDP vs. MDP 360?

The traditional version, which hasn’t been available to the public for a couple years, included recommendations from Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Hidden Gems, and the rest of the stock-picking services in our premium universe. MDP 360 includes those, and also offers full access to all of those other newsletter services.

Million Dollar Portfolio opens periodically to new members. For information on more of our stock-picking services, click here.

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