What do you think about this stock?

It can feel like a monumental decision to purchase shares of a company, so lots of investors seek out a second (or third … or eighth) opinion.

In truth, if an investment is causing you night sweats, it’s probably not the right decision for you, either because you’re not confident about the business or it’s too big a chunk of your money.

But if it’s just normal levels of wanting to be sure, we’re here to help tell you what we think about a stock.

CAPS – a collective opinion

Our first advice is to head to CAPS, The Motley Fool’s free stock-picking platform. We’ve set up some pretty cool algorithms that take the community’s temperature on a particular company, weighting more heavily the Fools who have proven to be talented stock-pickers.

Type in a ticker, discover the company’s CAPS rating, read some of the opinions, and then use all the information there to decide if you should double down on an investment or run screaming from the buy button.

Boards – an ongoing discussion

From there, head next to our free community discussion boards. Our boards are loaded with tons of great investors as well as people who work in a range of industries, and all are eager to share their insights.

Keep a special eye out for people on the boards with a TMF or a CMF before their user name – those, respectively, are our full-time Fools and community members we’ve deputized for their history of providing useful responses.

Premium services – a team on the case

Finally, our premium services provide the best thinking from a team of experts. Stock Advisor, for example, has recommended hundreds of stocks over more than a decade … and it’s roughly tripled the S&P 500’s return.

We’ve arranged for a free 7-day trial to Stock Advisor, so you can access all the picks made in the service’s history, plus instant access to all the Starter Stocks and Best Buys Now. Take a no-risk look to see if the team has recommended the stock you’re exploring and, if so, what its latest thinking is.

And a final note from Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner: “I would highly stress to all my fellow Fools that you inquire of anyone posting significant research with a bullish or bearish slant — anywhere on the Internet, or TV, etc. — ‘WHAT’S HIS OR HER RECORD?'”

Click the link to see David’s full post on accountability.

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  1. big deal on a 702 bank account supposedly 5% earnings, no taxes, use your money any time..so tom what’s going on??

  2. Al

    I have position in Invensense, and with the price taking a hit would you recommend increasing or stay neutral at this time

  3. SpencerAllen

    When should I begin buying Apple stock so my portfolio does not increase in value and declines & where may I find Apples’ suppliers?

  4. David Gardner

    When you visit CAPS, make sure if you’re unfamiliar with our 5-star rating methodology, that you click the Help tab up to the right and familiarize yourself with CAPS…. OR, there’s an Answer for that! Just search Motley Fool Answers for “What is CAPS?”