What happened to m.fool.com?

Once upon a time, we had two versions of our website: a version formatted for desktop and another for mobile devices. As time went on, the web changed and people now expect sites to respond smartly depending on the device and screen size.

As a result, we are no longer supporting our mobile-only website and are now focused on making sure the website is great no matter what device you are on.

Our homepage, article pages, and the premium services render very nicely on a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. However, we will continue to improve the experience on all of our sites and for every device.

Here are links directly to our premium services.

For our free site users, our homepage and article pages are nicely displayed on any device.

Click to go to our homepage or go here to read our free news and commentary.

If you would like to send us feedback, please submit your feedback here. While all feedback is considered, we do not respond to all that we receive. There are real people who read over it, so please be specific about the goals you are trying to accomplish and the challenges you are having.

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  1. sorry,this very good.is find,but,i don’t like,i think of new website sistay not is now nationl fhion.

  2. Brian Mcclard

    This new site idea is terrible. The customer service experience is aweful. The navigation doesn’t work, I can’t find anything that I want to look up without endlessly scrolling page after, page after yet, another page. All visual cues for certain articles of interest are completely gone. Now it’s only A MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT. What the hell? It used to be easy to find pertinent articles or tables of stats and data on stocks. Not anymore. What happened to the charts? Tell the IT dpt that their implementation of an idealistic lazy update SUCKS!

  3. Oceaqua

    Agree with Steve. The menu symbol (3 bars on top left corner) doesn’t work. I can’t go from Stock Adviser to any other page. Had to click backward button on Safari to come back here.

  4. Steve

    Sorry, but the new website is still a pain to navigate on a mobile device (I’m on an Apple iPhone 5). It sounds to me like your IT department talked you into something that kept them from having to maintain 2 sets of sites – but the customer experience suffers.

    Try switching from one premium service newsletter to another via the “menu” – you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Sorry – good idea, but seems to be not well executed.

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