What’s the deal with Motley Fool marketing?

From time to time, people let us know that they aren’t crazy about The Motley Fool’s marketing tactics.

Why do we do it?

The honest answer is that despite people knowing they should do something to help themselves prepare for their financial futures, few actually do it. We find these messages work in getting people to hit “yes” much better than an understated email that just says “here are our results and our philosophy — let us know if you’re interested,” unfortunately.

Our mission is to help the world invest — better. We’re passionate about that, and so we work very hard to encourage as many people as possible to explore our newsletter services. That includes using marketing tactics that have proven successful over decades of testing.

But we have a culture of “top it” at the Fool, so we are always looking to improve. We’re constantly testing new methods to ensure our marketing is aligned with who we are as a company, but without dramatically slowing the rate at which people join.

And if you’d like to see our results and our philosophy, click to take a trial to Stock Advisor, our flagship newsletter service. (Note: It requires a credit card to gain access to the service, but you won’t be charged if you cancel within 30 days of signing up.)

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  1. Sidney Vendituoli

    Please stop sending invitations to your other services. It seems I get one or two a day. Never are you up front with what the cost is, and I don’t care if I can cancel at anytime. Right now I just feel like you are harassing me. Please stop. I can even find the location on your web page that allows me to OPT OUT!

  2. Eric

    omfg! I’m a member and happy to be one, but how many times will you message me about Motley Fool One???? NOOOOOOOOO. Can I just say no? Will you stop now?

  3. Tom Kirchner

    YOU charged me $148.00 without permission. Your phone number is no longer working. HOW do I get a refund?

  4. Valerie LeGault


    1. You are not fools but those who trust your marketing website ARE FOOLS. You provide a link to “unsubscribe” which ABSOLUTELY prevents a person from unsubscribing. PLEASE! NO MORE FREE E-MAILS.