5 Weird Ways to Spend Less This Holiday Season

We asked and you responded! We’ll share our listeners’ best tips and hacks for managing money. We’re also going to cover 5 bizarre (but scientifically proven!) ways to spend less when you’re shopping over the Holidays—or whenever.   Do you want more Motley Fool Answers (you do?!) subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher! […]

Dividends Are Awesome: Get some!

Companies that pay dividends tend to outperform the rest, making them a great addition to your portfolio. Foolish dividends analyst, James Early, discusses the basics of dividends and reveals four of his favorite dividend payers right now. We also discuss the best day to shop at Whole Foods and Robert […]

Negotiate Your Bills Like a Pro

Slash your cable bill and other service costs with tips from Motley Fool CFO and master negotiator Ollen Douglass. Plus, answers to your money etiquette question about splitting the restaurant tab, and which company has the worst customer service in America.   Do you want more Motley Fool Answers (you […]