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February 18, 1999

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Subject: Manipulation
Author: bluebeyond

I believe that with the emergence of all these index funds, plus the fact that so many money managers had the internet bubble burst all over their faces, they they needed the market to fall so they could get in and "get them some". It just seems so coincidental that the "bullish" analysts come out at regular intervals now and trash every rally.

Listen to all this crap about the advance decline line. With the emergence of the internet as the new business model that will change the world, and there only need be a few companies doing that, the money is going to shy away from the broader market and head for the techs.
"The biggest problem is that there is a whole massive industry out there that lives off controlling the flow of money and siphoning off the spread."

The biggest problem is that there is a whole massive industry out there that lives off controlling the flow of money and siphoning off the spread. The internet moves at lightening speed and there is no way that Wall Street can stop it because this is the start of the power being given to the investor, which means it is being taken away from the street.

As this new paradigm blossoms, and it is doing so inside an archaic structure, there is going to be a ferocious push-pull because the industry is far bigger than us [right now], but once all this sloppiness is washed out of the market, and the manipulators have accumulated what they need to, suddenly they'll all start recommending our industry again, as though it was theirs. Problem for them is... when individual investors buy stocks themselves, they tend to hold through thick and thin (evidenced by the low volume on down days) because they don't have a commission hungry broker screwing with their minds.

CNBC has started to talk about the need for a blow-out day before the end of this sloppiness. If we are ready, we can beat them at their own game. IMHO.

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