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March 3, 1999

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Subject: Miner '99ers...
Author: Zeppy

'49..........During the Gold Rush of '49 the people who really got rich were the ones who sold shovels, pickaxes, goldpans, jeans, food, etc., to the miners. Especially the ones who "transported" the prospectors and the miners to the mines out west.
Here in the '90's there's a new rush of wealth creation. This monster bull market is many years old and has certainly brought many new investors, daytraders, and first-timers into the stock market through "online trading". The internet is bringing people together online at a rapid pace and the internet is at the crux of this new wealth creation. The new gold rush is into internet commerce, first by upstart companies, then by anyone who has the next good idea of an online business model, and eventually by the rest of the traditional companies on Wall Street who think or fear the internet may pass them by (they are probably right) if they don't get online with their own business models real fast.

These online companies have started a true frenzy for the stock in these online companies, some of which have wonderful business models. Now here comes NITE...and they are "transporting" these new prospectors & miners to the mines. Coming or going to the mines they still need a ride & NITE is supplying the rides for a growing number of these "miner '99ers".

I see a clear analogy and this is why NITE is in a position to profit tremendously as time goes on. More people will open more online accounts daily. Factor in some more new internet companies having IPO's like the ones we've been seeing...and in my opinion we are in for solid growth on a quarterly basis for many quarters to come.

I saw a stat that 3% of the world's population is online (i'll post it if I find it). Of course many people in this world will never be online but I know many more will and I can't wait for that number to grow to just 4%. That's a 33% increase all by itself of the "entire internet".

I can only dream of when the number approaches 5 or 10%!

Transport those "miner '99ers" to and from the mines! (see why I like NITE so very much?)



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