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April 21, 1999

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Subject: In retrospect...
Author: foolwoods

Looking back at the last several weeks, I now realize why you should never get emotionally attached to your investments. (Although, I must admit I am) 'Cause it'll make you hurl!

I seem to recall someone once saying "Don't ever buy when you're feeling good - you spend more than you have to. And don't ever sell when you're feeling bad - you'll lose more than you have to!"

Having wondered across this little spot on the Financial Super Highway, I find myself checking in more frequently as news and things get better for the mighty RNWK. I also peek in when things (gulp) head south, just to be reminded that they are not as bad as they may seem. For the record, I began watching RNWK back in Jan. when it started its climb - kept telling myself "Sure its a great company - but its a little pricey." I finally mustered the courage to dive in at 120 - realizing it wasn't going to pull back or pause significantly - and now I'm a Lifer. The last few weeks though have been baptism by fire - volatility, hell its insanity! Again I thank posters like foolj, RobDeFool, and Buyanhold for your insightful & "Foolish" comments.

As my best friend, and broker w/Merrill Lynch (boo-hiss) has also quizzed me "Do you know what happend to Cisco Systems stock back on June 3, 1994 - sheepishly I admitted no, I had no idea. EXACTLY! he said - then why would you care what happens to "your" stock today (or tomorrow) - you sure as heck won't remember it 5 or 10 years from now!!"

My rambling point here is I love to yell as loud as I can when RNWK soars to record highs - I love to grumble when it tumbles pitifully low, but it all makes little difference in the big picture! (In fact my unabashed joy and dreams for this company were tempered today when I walked through the front door & learned of the tragedy in Colorado - THAT'S real life, and THAT'S far more important than any market volatility I endure.)

In closing - I'll apologize for the length of this post and say Thanks to ALL of you for your valuable input. In retrospect.. you make investing a whole lot more FUN!!

Fool on!!