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September 1, 1999

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Linux blanket revisited

Author: Stony2

This is not a new topic for this board but with RedHat Linux now publicly traded, topical relevance resurfaces.

Because there was much discussion of Apple in the August issue of Linux Magazine, I picked up a copy and spent a weekend with propellors in autorotation.

I can't help but have warm fuzzy feelings about what is evolving out of the Linux near misses and flyby's, and about what seems to be right around the corner, that I believe could widen Apple's known horizons, depending how dedicated they really are to the 'Open Source Revolution'.

An article, entitled "Outside Intel: The Story of Linux on the PowerPC Chip",by Dan Burcaw, covered vignettes of evolving implementations of Linux that work on Power PC systems; mostly MxLinux and Linux/PPC. Notably, Apple apparently does have a "Linux Technology Manager" working with Linux developers.


"With Apple's help Linux users could be enjoying the benefits of the G4 systems as soon as they ship."
Bear in mind that the G4 includes AltiVec which is expected to speed up sound, voice recognition, networking, and image processing.

The article talks about some bleeding edge games among the many applications expected to be PPC Linux savvy soon (Civilization III, MythII, etc.,etc..)

The closing paragraph of the article suggests:

"System administrators now have an alternative to Intel that not only offers more speed and a smaller form factor, but the same Linux operating system that they already know and love. As Linux enters the desktop market PowerPC Linux is sure to make the powerful Macintosh personal computers and Linux a winning combination."

In the same issue is an interview with Larry Augustin of VA Linux Systems on the topic of Taking Linux Public. I loved the part where he talks about Microsoft having "a tendency to pull everything in around the operating system". And what does he think of the chance of Microsoft distributing Microsoft Linux? "Zero", because, "we win when they do that".

If you are into this evolving facet of the future it might be worth picking up a copy of the August issue of Linux Magazine.