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October 14, 1999

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Subject:  Re: Five Weddings and a Funeral
Author:  kingsfool

Feburary 16, 1999. This is a day that will be indelibly etched upon my memory. This is the day that I joined millions of shareholders in the joy and sorrow that is corporate ownership.

It is 8am cst, I just got off from work a short while before. I sit before my trusty 'puter and I log on at my broker's 'site, with a hand written list of my first purchases propped up on my keyboard. As I wait for each page to download I scan the list and, in my mind, I go over my reasons for buying into each one. The first four on the list are simple choices, no real research needed as they are from an RP4 varient.

The last one, that fifth stock, that one gives me some small pause. This one didn't come from any mechanical method, this one was mine. This stock was my first real stock buy, even though it was the last one entered. The little voice in the back of my head started wispering doubts to me as I begain entering the first four purchases:

Did I do enough research?... Or did I do too much?

Just what are my reasons for buying this one? Sentiment... A contrairian viewpoint... Strong fundimentals... A bright future outlook? Which one, which one. Which view was my true reason.

My fingers went on without my mind and typed in the buy order anyway.

And that, as they say, was that. No backing out now, the market hadn't yet opened, but I had made my choices.

Why did I buy AMD? Advanced Micro Devices had been losing a lot of market share just prior to this date and the market Gorilla for this sector, Intel (INTC), has more than enough clout to knock any uppity second comers into the dirt.

Why didn't I just buy Intel?

Looking back now the only thing I knew, that I knew for certain, was that AMD had a brand new chip in the offing that could blow the doors off of Intel.

My error here was not that I bought into the company, it was in the lack of real research where I went wrong. I thought I knew all I needed to know.

I was right with what I knew, in everything. But my reason for investing in AMD was wrong. I touted myself into buying it because of a hot new piece of tech they were producing, rather than whether or not the company was capable of pulling one over on the Big Guy (Intel).

Sentiment is a great way to find potential stocks, but I would recommend looking even deeper into these companies before buying. AMD does have a great deal of potential, but it is going to take a bit of...

8:30am cst The markets just opened, now is when my palms start to sweat. In less than two minutes time all of my orders are filled.

Now all I have to do is wait.

Just (wow, I'm a storyteller) Jess