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October 15, 1999

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Subject:  OT-"Us Guys"
Author:  ENGRRLM

In Post #41409, DeepBlue raised the question, "Who are you guys?" In this post, I will attempt to provide the answer.

I have concluded that there are about 135 people who post regularly to the MI Board, and probably 400 to 500 more who follow it to some extent. The vast majority of the regulars have college degrees, and over half have advanced degrees. About one third of the Board's regulars are from California or Texas. Over half of the regulars who listed their occupation were in professions related to computers, engineering, or medicine.

The question of how many participate in the MI Board has come up before, and no satisfactory answer emerged from the discussion. Since I haven't been able to contribute to the real number crunching activities of the Board, I decided to try to find an answer to "Who you guys are?" and how many there are.

I started with the list of 80 names that FoolishlyFree had posted of people interested in the MI Convention proposed for Las Vegas. (Post #39471) Then I went through posts for the past month and added any names which I estimated had posted 5 or more times and which didn't appear on the first list (50 more names). Then I added a few names which I recalled as being active in the past year or so, but which didn't appear on either of the above lists (5more). My total list had 135 names on it.

I then checked the Profiles for each of the 135 names, and found useful information on 69 of them. The remainder had no Profile, or so little information that it wasn't useful. Some of the profiles were missing some of the items I reviewed, so the totals may vary a little from category to category.

From the 69 useful profiles, I looked at the categories for Occupation, Location, and Education, and found the following:

Occupations of MI Fools:

16 Computer Related - including programmers, analysts, web design and computer engineers
11 Engineers - not including the computer engineers listed included above
7 Medical Doctors
3 Medical Related (Not MD's)
3 Attorneys
14 Miscellaneous occupations - no more than 2 in each category
15 No reported occupation.

Locations of MI Fools:

16 California
8 Texas
4 Maryland
3 (each) Florida, Illinois, and Utah
25 States with 1 or 2

26 total states represented

Education of MI Fools:

58 of the 69 with profiles indicated college degrees ( Over half with advanced degrees estimated)

Colleges and Universities With Multiple Representatives (First school listed only):
6 - UCLA
3 - BYU
2 each � Air Force Academy, GA Tech, Northwestern, UT Austin, U of FLA, Uof Wash, U of Wisc.


Based on the facts above, I conclude there are about 135 regular participants on the MI Board, and estimate three to four times that many who follow the Board but seldom if ever post. Total following the Board 500 to 700 people.

Probably 85% to 90% of regular participants have college degrees, and over half of those hold advanced degrees.

There is a strong technical influence on the MI Board, with about 40% of regular participants listing occupations as Engineering and/or Computer related, and 10% are Medical Doctors.

About half of the MI regulars come from only six states, with California and Texas predominant.

Only about half the regulars on the Board have information on their Personal Profile page.

If anyone has questions, I will try to answer them, but I don't plan on looking at 135 profiles again soon!

Bob Mc