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November 19, 1999

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CMGI, Inc.

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Subject:  Re: Almost 132
Author:  bobrosen

A few quick comments:

Well, as opposed to buying, selling, buying, selling, kicking self in butt, breaking leg, etc etc, I must say it's been fun the past few days just holding a bunch of CMGI. And personally, I think the analysis (who said it? AC? HR? I forget) which says that basically, the stock took off because all the weak hands were finally shaken loose is the closest to correct. A 20 point move because ONE analyst raises the rating ONE step, from market perform to market outperform? Gimme a break! The only other thing that seems to play right is the perception that CMGI will benefit from China and the WTO agreement. Anyone happen to watch CHNA's price movement the last few days???

re "the Fool's" opinion of things? Ladies and gents, close as I can tell, there IS NO OFFICIAL FOOL OPINION. There are a whole stack of TMF commentators, with the same foibles as other commentators, and they often disagree with each other. There are a whole bunch of very different TMF ports, both real-money and imaginary. They provide us all with the service of airing their thoughts in public for us to chew on, argue with, or ignore.

I also spend most of my TMF time on the boards. But you know what? I often read and learn something from the TMF columnists, I often get my assumptions questioned a little, and if nothing else, I often find myself thinking for myself as I disagree with what one of them may have written. IMHO, if you don't understand this, you don't understand much of what TMF is all about.

I think it's a little disingenuous and certainly not productive to use the website of a group of people who say the main thing is to think for yourself, then go ahead and think for yourself, and then dump on these guys because you disagree with some of them! Isn't that the whole point????

Once again, I hesitate even to say this kind of stuff, lest I precipitate a 30-post thread about whether or not TMF has an official stock picking agenda, etc, etc, etc. But, hey! It's been a while, you know?

Oh, and one more thing related to CMGI and the market's recent moves in general: Don't forget tax-selling season! I'm kind of surprised that we've gotten this close to Nov 30 (that is, 31 days before Dec 31) without the typical tax-loss sell off. So keep it in mind during the next 10 days!

And in that same regard, a few people commented about AOL - It's one of my larger holdings, and I have an obscene paper profit in it (which implies obscene taxes if I sell). We've been doing some home renovations and such lately, and I've needed some cash. AOL is one of the stocks I've been chipping away at to generate the needed cash. And despite my best efforts, I can't seem to reduce its overall percentage in my port. No sooner do I sell a few shares than the value of my remaining shares goes up some more! Bizarre! Even more bizarre: in my taxable accounts, I'm all out of losses. I literally don't have anything substantial on which I could pick up a decent tax loss this year! Scary! (Rimpy?)