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December 16, 1999

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Subject:  Smart is Beautiful
Author:  JordanRules45

Thank you David Wetherell for a beautiful year. You have brought us Alta Vista, Navisite, CMGi Solutions, Engage, and a boatload of other wonderful companies and funds that are transitioning this world into the next millenium.

Thanks to the Motley Fool CMGI board for its rich education over the past year. You have brought me the brilliance of IFindKarma, the gut instincts of RightNow, the resolve of mcnulty, the faith of fiddler3, the steadfastness of snowjoe, the challenges of newtopos, the entertainment and sarcasm of AngryCandy, the humor of Foollabaisse, the technical analysis of jiml8, the power of HighReturn, the dreams of rondog, the style of Kestral, the nomadism of EconDropout, the edginess of Maverickgirl, and the soothsaying of Rimpinths. You have brought insights from many others in over 26,000 posts, and collectively, we have become a powerful investing force. Beautiful is smart, and Smart IS beautiful. We have discussed everything from Technical Analysis to Fundamental Analysis to Market Makers to trends to sharksuits to mining asteroids for diamonds (remember post 3130 from jaybad?). We have been exuberant. We have been depressed. We have been ticked off. We have been collected. Most of all, we are grateful.

I will be tipping a glass of burgundy wine on the eve of the new millenium* for everyone who has enjoyed this board, this company, this quest. Congratulations to the faithful!

Thank you for an exceptional year of health, happiness, learning, and rewards.

May everyone have a beautiful Holiday Season filled with peace, love, health, happiness, and goodwill.


*millenium, as everyone knows is 2001, but 2000 is such a nice round number.

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