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December 23, 1999

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Subject:  Re: OT Frage fuer den Meistersaenger
Author:  BruceBrown

[If it's true that the unexamined life is not worth living, Bruce Brown need have no fear. Perhaps our favorite Renaissance Man, Bruce completely shatters the myth that individual investing is too time consuming and complicated for those leading a rich, full life. If you want to examine Bruce's life a bit more, read his interview.]

Mike asked how I find time to cruise the boards so much. Simple - if you are an opera singer - the free time in between the maximum vocal allotment of 50 to 75 performances a year that we sing leaves a lot of time for 'life' in between. Naturally, there are rehearsals, family time, travel, memorizing, vocal lessons, exercise, cooking, fishing etc... However, the beauty of it all is that it is not a 9 to 5 gig. Compare an opera singer to a professional baseball pitcher. They can't pitch more than a certain number of games per year because the arm won't take it. Same with an opera singer. If you sing a full three hour opera in a space that holds a couple thousand people over a 60 to 80 piece orchestra - you're not just whistling Dixie. You are working you rear end off, sweating, spitting, acting and the result is very draining in terms of physical stamina. Just as the baseball pitcher rests his arm for about three days before throwing again - so does the singer. The in between days are rehearsals on some days, memorizing of music for the next show and study.

Don't ask me why they pay us with a voice in our throat to scream beautiful music in an opera. I just show up, put on the tights and make-up, wander on stage and hope I can deliver what the composer and librettist intended better than the many hundred interpreters that came before me have accomplished. Maybe not better, as we are all unique, but hopefully offer a unique rendition of my own crafting that keeps the pay checks coming in. So far, so good. Tonight I'm the father in Hansel and Gretel for the last performance of the century. My next is on January 9th and it is in Russian. Yuck!


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