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By Windowseat
August 28, 2008

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I'd never heard of this before, but a woman in Texas has filed suit against a car dealership for pulling her credit report multiple times.

According to the Complaint, she was looking for a car to buy. She went to one dealership, they pulled her credit report, and made her an offer. She then went to another dealership to see if they had a better offer, and they did not. So she left and went back to the first dealership, and by the time she got there, the second dealer had pulled her report 25 times, dropping her credit score, and making it impossible for her to arrange financing on her own.

I know we've been told that multiple pulls within a short period of time won't hurt, since it's obvious that a person is comparison shopping, but apparently there's a limit to the number of pulls the system will allow before the credit score starts dropping.

The purpose is to trash a person's credit report so that they have no way of buying the car elsewhere, and are forced to do business with that particular dealership.

A very sleazy tactic. I'd never heard of it before, and I'll try to keep an eye on the case.