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By Daphnatic
January 8, 2010

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I seldom post, but this is my favorite place to visit when I have a free minute. I'm one of those naturally frugal people who live beneath my means simply because I can. I don't like waste in any form; it feels irresponsible to me. I especially never want to waste a tool that has potentially limitless use: money.

My father passed away 4 months ago. He had been mentally ill for many years and suffered horribly for decades. His life was a tortured one, and as a result of living with illness, his family suffered too. He spent time homeless, in prison and spent the last 19 yrs of his life in a long-term psychiatric unit. When he passed I was totally stunned to learn I would receive an inheritance, money he had saved while working.

Since I LBYM, we really don't need the money. It's not that we earn a lot-- it's that we need/want little, and 'feel' wealthy, in the truest sense of the word. We have more than we need.

So what to do with dad's money? Some is invested for college costs for my nieces, his grand-kids. The rest went to the local family shelter who is currently fund-raising to build a new shelter for adults only.

The shelter called last night. My gift is enough that they want to provide a 'naming opportunity'. One of the guest rooms in the new shelter will be named in honor of my Dad, who was once homeless.
I never expected this, and wept with joy. To think that my dad's life, filled with suffering and pain, can be memorialized in a way to help others is amazing to me.

I Live Beneath my Means, so I can participate in happenings like this one.

What a lovely way to begin the new year.