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Yahoo! and The Direction of Things
"I can't do justice to Yahoo! in a single message, but here are some points to consider." So begins a thread that finds Yahoo to be a Microsoft-like heart-warmer.

Enthusiasm, Reason, and the AOL Investor
"Boy, do I love making money." OK. But is anyone out there actually concerned with the future of this company? Just why is it that AOL is doing so well?

The Next Twist In The Amazon
Any thoughts out there on Amazon's likely next moves? After drugstore, pets, and auctions, it's anyone's guess. Here are some thoughts along this line....

Microsoft: Reasons To Sell?
For all the never-ending gibberish about Windows being second rate, the techies can't give any financial reasons to stop holding Microsoft. After a year, another double. Can anyone tell me why I should sell?

eBay and Amazon Auctions: Differences Already Emerging
After just one week in bid-ness, differences between Amazon's Auction site and eBay, the category leader, have quickly emerged. Can the Amazon philosophy work in a person-to-person trading environment?

Coke Was It?
A recent report suggests "financial engineering" was behind Coke's spectacular growth. Has the maneuver lost its fizz? And does it amount to trickery?

What Has Happened to the Mighty MO?
Juries have brought one of the most profitable and diverse companies in the world to its knees. Do lawsuits offer a better return on investment? Is suing the new, lazy, get-something-for-nothing American way?

Is 3Com a Value Play?
A Fool compares 3Com and Cisco and finds something out of whack. Is all the bad news built in to 3Com? Devil's advocates wanted!

Subscribers, Customers, Members. What's In a Name?
@Home, America Online, MindSpring, Amazon. They all tout their user numbers. But what are they really worth? Can those numbers be used to value the company?

Dissecting Iomega's 10-K
An Iomega investor goes to the source -- the company's most recent SEC filing -- to find out what's up, what's down and, finally, what's what with the storage maker. Zip over to the board to find out what's been unearthed.



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