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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Cisco's Valuation
Fools discuss and debate whether CSCO's value is justified, whether Cisco will be able to stay competitive going forward, and whether they'll have to compete on price.

A Little Support, Please
Investors share give-and-take on where support lies in Oracle's stock price and what it might take to turn things around. Join in and voice your thoughts.

Is Sony a Threat to IOM?
Iomegans analyze Sony's Mini Disc to determine what effect it might have on Iomega's newest Zip and Clik! Drives. Is this a product IOM needs to be concerned about?

What Would It Take?
Fools discuss what would have to happen to get them to sell their investment in Yahoo!. Would a poor earnings statement do the trick? A 30% drop in value?

KO vs. AOL
Has AOL replaced Coca-Cola as "The Real Thing" according to Wall Street? While mighty KO continues to languish, Fools compare the valuations of the two companies to determine which is a better investment.

Paradigm Shift or Bubble?
Fools share their views as to whether CMGI is a bubble about to burst or still an undervalued stock. Join the discussion on assessing the risks of CMGI.

Let's Get Technical
Investors try to determine what's going on with Dell from a technical standpoint. Reversals, uptrends, charts, etc. Can technical analysis really explain the situation for the average Dell investor?

Freedom to Choose
There's no end to the controversy when smoking is the issue. MO makes a legal product, and people should be able to use it without persecution. Or should they? Should ethics come into play when investing in tobacco companies?

Beware Those Extras!
A new homebuyer points out the dangers of added cost when selecting extras for the new house. What should new homeowners look for when making that big purchase?

ATHM and XCIT: What's the Deal?
Fools attempt to clarify the relationship between Excite and @Home and what future deals and splits will mean for the companies' investors.



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