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Welcome! You've Got... Mickey?
A Disney investor shares his thoughts on a news article suggesting that AOL may be interested in Disney. With AOL worth more than 3x that of the Mouse, would this acquisition be a fairy tale, or just plain Goofy?

My Credit Cards Are Killing Me!
A Fool with huge credit card debt seeks advice on how to handle it and whether now is the time to invest in a new home. Many offer their views and suggestions on how they would handle the situation.

Musing Ma Bell
Investors attempt to predict what AT&T would need to capture the market. Are continued investments in fiber optics and cable the way to go, or is wireless the wave of the future?

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers
Fools discuss the new Wal-Mart Dot Com site and wonder if it will eat into store sales or richly enhance the company. Voice your thoughts on how this may impact the retail giant.

Can Linux Give Microsoft a Run for Its Money?
With several companies offering the Linux OS, will this affect Microsoft's bottom line or be nothing more than a blip? Join in and share your thoughts on whether there's room for choice in operating systems.

Bidding on eBay
Higher and Higher! With a market cap of over $20 billion, investors ponder whether eBay is grossly overvalued or worth whatever investors are willing to pay.

Are Online Brokers Prepared For Y2K?
An investor Foolishly switches from a full-service broker to an online account, and ponders whether Y2K glitches should be of concern. Is there anything to fear but fear itself?

Analyzing Dell
Investors pick apart Dell's analyst meeting and debate what needs to happen going forward. Can Michael Dell continue to reign supreme?

An Open Letter to AMD
One investor composes his thoughts as to what AMD needs to do in order to turn the company around. Is it too late, or could these suggestions make a difference?

Modeling Mac
Apple investors try to get to the core of Michael Dell's comments regarding plans to introduce consumer-friendly PCs modeled after Apple's iMac. Is this a compliment or a potential threat to Mac fans?



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