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Steve's Case
AOL is lobbying congress for unfettered access to cable for high-speed connections. @Home investors say, "Hold on! That's our turf!" Will this be a tough one to win, or can Steve make his case?

Mickey, Donald, and General Hospital
Disney and ABC announce plans for a new soap opera cable station. Disney investors take both sides of the issue debating whether this is the right move or a mouse-take.

Demanding Answers
Investors struggle to figure out Dell's future, as messages seem mixed. Why would CPQ claim demand for PCs is down when Microsoft and Dell say differently?

Analyzing Amazon
Investors crunch some numbers analyzing Amazon.com to determine if the company can produce earnings to support its current price. Voice your thoughts on the online book giant's future.

Iomega's Options
As the stock price continues to languish, Iomegans share their thoughts on whether to support the company's request to increase shares for incentive options. Is this more dilution, or a positive plan for the company and its shareholders?

E*Trading Ideas
With a $10 billion market cap, should E*Trade be considering acquisitions? Do customers want more content for this online brokerage, or should the company simply stay the course?

Determining Rule Makers
Fools pit EMC Corp. against other companies to determine if it qualifies as a true Rule Maker. Stop in and decide if EMC fits the Rule Maker Portfolio's goal to identify, buy, and hold the best businesses.

Musings on MindSpring
Investors discuss whether there's a need for MindSpring to provide faster access to stay competitive. Is cable going to become a threat to MindSpring in the future, or is there still plenty of demand by modem users?

Home Inspections
Fools on the Buying and Maintaining a Home board share their thoughts on what to look for when getting a new home inspected. The right moves now could save big later on.



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