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Why CMGI Needs Lycos and Vice Versa
Why did Wetherell agree to the deal when he was sitting on Lycos' board? Why did he back away from the deal after it was announced? If you think this was just a minor wrinkle in the CMGI story, think again. It was an accident.

Dell: Hi-Yo, Silver Lining
Next year, baby, next year! We'll see pent-up demand of unheard proportion as companies unfreeze computer assets and go on an upgrade spree. Year 2000 could be the greatest year PC makers ever see. But inefficient and marginal players are doomed.

@Home and Feeling Burned
@Home shareholder ISO reassurance and relief. Caught in a downdraft, two days after going long.

Ameritrade and E*Trade: Compare and Contrast
A comparison of the two online brokers locates the difference in their corporate strategies and mission statements. Click in for a Foolish analysis of these two high-profile competitors.

Dumb Move? Bad Timing? Good NITE?
You knew the market would correct. But IMMEDIATELY following your purchase? Happy to be aboard the train... but is our conductor asleep at the wheel today?

Warren "Hog" Buffett
From a "Dear Warren" letter comes a suggestion that Berkshire Hathaway hit the road and pick up stakes in Harley-Davidson. Compelling reasons are offered. What other corporate logo is tattooed on thousands, perhaps millions, of bodies worldwide? Still the question remains: Was Buffett born to be wild?

Compaq Should Buy Iomega
"A Compaq purchase of Iomega," says one Fool, "would give them a product Dell and others would have to pay top dollar for." Not everyone agrees. "Iomega's only big success is the ZIP drive. Every other product is rather useless."

Monster Mergers and Dilution
Can it be that Yahoo, AOL, and @Home are destined to buy up or merge with the rest of the Internet? Mergers can hurt as much as they can help, cautions a Fool. And by the way, if anyone finds a dropped decimal point, please return it to this post. Thanks!

Streaming or Dreaming: Let's Get Real
How much of a threat does Microsoft's new Media Player pose to streaming media king Real Networks? Will this be Microsoft vs. Netscape all over again?

True Lycos: My Confession
A regular contributor to the Lycos board "confesses" his sale of the company's stock, offering his reasons why and telling how he has reinvested the proceeds.



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