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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

I'm So Confused!
A new investor is confused by mixed messages regarding Dell. If Internet traffic is doubling every 100 days, how could there be weak demand for PCs? Stop buy and help sort out the question.

Drop? What Drop?
The bulls are out in force on the AOL board, expressing little concern over the latest downtrend in the stock's price. Are they just "fooling" themselves, or are they "Fools" with a classic long-term buy-and-hold outlook?

Have It Your Way... With a Coke!
Coke has fizzed its way into a long-term contract with Burger King. Join in some Foolish discussion on the pros and cons of this deal to determine the effects for Coke as well as Pepsi.

Respecting Apple
One Fool ponders whether Apple is getting the respect it deserves, considering its admirable earnings release. Is the Street just "rotten to the core," or is Apple just experiencing fallout from corrections in technology stocks?

Comparing Online Brokers
Fools compare E*Trade and Ameritrade to evaluate the directions of each company. Is one moving towards becoming more of a full-service company while the other depends on volume? Customers of each company share their views on this investing medium.

Is a Biweekly Mortgage Plan Foolish?
Fools on the credit card board discuss "BiSaver," a biweekly electronic payment for mortgages. Is this a good plan for getting out of debt, or a program consisting of needless fees? Find out if it's Foolish or foolish.

Is Amazon Getting Boring?
One investor sees Amazon.com becoming less than a thrilling ride compared to other companies out there on the Internet. Help decide if it's a case of the party being over, or one that's still in the early stages.

Getting Technical
A Fool on the Cisco board wonders about TA and whether it's reasonable in determining a company's value or if it's like reading the tea leaves. Voice your thoughts on this method of valuing a company.

Kosovo Crisis
With the activation of reservists now looking certain, TMF Runkle leads the charge in supplying Foolish tips to financially prepare things on the home front before reporting for active service. Stop by to pick up these important points for yourself or a loved one.



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