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Pfeiffer out at Compaq
Eckhard Pfeiffer, CEO of Compaq Computer, has resigned. Shareholders brace themselves for the fallout.

Ripples from Compaq at Dell...
The sudden resignation of Compaq's CEO leaves Dell shareholders wondering: are the problems industrywide, or are they limited to Compaq's management?

... And Also at Intel
A new Intel investor is concerned that the management shake-up at Compaq might threaten Intel's share price. Fools step in to offer advice.

Is Linux Working to Microsoft's Advantage?
"As long as there is a perception of competition, the proponents of the anti-trust suit are kept at bay," says one Fool. Add your own thoughts.

@Home's Interactive TV
Some readers are doubtful about @Home's WebTV prospects. Others are seeing big opportunities here.

EMC Corporation: A Victim of the Herd Mentality?
Montgomery downgrades EMC, and the stock tanks. Fools wonder if this is a time for concern.

Amazon and Mindshare
How vulnerable is Amazon to a competitor's snappy ad campaign? Do barriers to entry really exist on the Internet?

AOL's Big Picture
TMF Dotcom takes a "macro look" at AOL, examining the causes behind the recent sell-off of technology stocks and its relevance to AOL. Fools respond.

Are Things Starting to Clik! at Iomega?
Iomega expects 10% of its revenues this year will come from Clik! disk sales. Should shareholders be surprised?

How a Fool Gets out of Debt
... and how you can, too. Read all about it on our Credit Cards board.



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