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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Feeling the Pain @Home
The Tech Wreck has investors hurting. They're commiserating on the @Home board.

A Good NITE to Panic?
The faithful shareholders of Knight/Trimark Group are urging calm amidst the latest Internet free-fall. Is it possible for investors to enjoy riding the roller coaster?

CMGI Gets Slammed...
... is more trouble on the way? Fools examine the risk factors that threaten CMGI and other high-flying Internet stocks. Will interest rates kill the 'Net sector for good?

Bam! Pow! Dell!
A Dell shareholder, playing cartoon superhero, defends the company's performance.

Intel: The Dominator
"Intel has set itself up for continued dominance," opines one Fool. But is a 500mHz Pentium III overkill?

"At what cap is AMZN overvalued?"
So asks one Fool of those who are bullish on Amazon.com. Join the Community as it seeks an answer.

Compaq: So Bad, It's Good!
As it makes new lows in the wake of bad news, some are wondering if Compaq might make a good contrarian play.

Starbucks and Market Saturation
Sometimes it seems like there's a Starbucks on every corner. One Fool argues that there is much more room for growth than most investors realize.

Living With Debt
As usual, the folks on the Credit Card board have found something interesting to talk about. Today they ask if living completely debt free is possible in today's world, or even desirable.

Why Save for College?
Does the government reward poor savings habits by offering better financial aid to college students whose parents have less? The Living Below Your Means Fools discuss.



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