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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

The Strange Universe of Investing in the Web
If e-commerce is turning the Internet into a transaction-based medium, does that make Inktomi the web's toll booth?

Bell South's Quest for Qwest
While other RBOCs kept busy merging with each other, BellSouth took a ten percent stake in Qwest Communications. Some Fools think that's just the appetizer, but in the end, who will buy whom?

Screaming Streaming Media
Fools debate over whether Apple's streaming technology is better than RealNetworks'. Jump in and add your thoughts to the discussion.

The Case for Online Brokers
The Ameritrade board is discussing how the movement from full service brokers to online discount firms often results in more frequent trading, and some predict that extended trading hours will further fuel the growth in this sector.

Could Dell Become the Next Monopoly?
A self-proclaimed Buffettologist puts Dell's model through the Owner's Earnings Formula and concludes that Dell is the Rolex of the computer world. Will the numbers keep on ticking?

EMC's Insanely Great Quarter
As Fools pore over EMC's quarterly report, they block out Wall Street noise to focus on the fundamentals of the company and its amazing margins.

Oracle Is Advertising, But Who Is Listening?
Oracle commercials have been popping up on television lately, and Fools are questioning who they are targeting. Do some companies advertise for investors as well as customers?

Is Linux Looming Over Microsoft?
Microsoft reported that its quarter was highlighted by a continued shift to its higher-priced NT system. If that's the case, then perhaps the Linux O/S threat needs a closer look.

Pfizer Pfundamentals
Is Pfizer an example of crazy valuations? As one Fool sets forth reasons for thinking so, others pick up the sword for a Valuation Duel.

RealNetworks Leads the 'Net Rebound
Fools examine RNWK's quarterly results and remind us when it comes to Internet stocks, forget earnings -- it's the revenues, stupid.



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