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Is Borders' Departing CEO A Victim of the Internet?
Following the resignation of its CEO, Borders' investors wonder what's next for the book retailer and consider the company's reluctance to get with the 'Net.

RealNetworks Buyout Speculation
"They will be bought out eventually. The question is: By whom?" After partnering with IBM and acquiring MP3 developer Xing, the streaming media leader remains near the top of everyone's "most eligible" list.

Maybe I'm Missing Something: How Do YOU Value Growth?
"I'd like to hear a detailed rationale from those who think AOL is a great long-term investment at its current price."

Unwinding Distortions, Rethinking Compaq
In the wake of Compaq's surprise 50% earnings shortfall and the sacking of its CEO and CFO, Compaq shareholders, feeling burned, wonder just how well they really knew the company.

Comparing the Brokers -- As Investments
So now that the quarterly reports are in, how do they compare? Ameritrade. E*Trade. National Discount Brokers. Charles Schwab.

Network Solutions: WhatsInAName.com?
Network Solutions has to adjust to the loss of its government-granted monopoly status. How will it handle competition? Will businesses want to leave something as important as their domain registrations to AOL?

Linux is Taking Over
It's threatening to take over the Microsoft board, at least. But is that enough to keep the populist operating system from becoming more than a footnote in computer history?

Apple and Open Source
Will Apple's embrace of the Open Source movement be a boost to Apple? To the movement itself? How might its success or failure influence how other companies proceed?

Iomega and the Downward Slide
Seven points are offered to demonstrate that Iomega's stock is overvalued. Seven points are refuted. Clik! in and join the debate.

IBM's Surprise
In light of IBM's blow-out quarter, and the atmosphere of doom and gloom recently hanging over the PC industry, an investor wonders about the ramifications of listening to analysts. Is it high time for an analyst clearinghouse?



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