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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Figuring Fair Price
What's the best way to figure a value for stocks like CMGI and other high P/E stocks? Some Fools discuss using U.S. Treasury bills as a benchmark, while others contend that this doesn't take growth into account. Join the discussion and crunch some numbers.

So What's the Attraction to Iomega Anyway?
"I've looked at the charts, I've looked at the news, I've looked at the posts here. I cannot figure out why anyone would buy this stock now, or why they would have held it, unless they bought it as a penny stock years ago. What am I missing?"

Statistically Speaking
The Pfoolish examination of Pfizer's earnings model continues with a new debate over brand loyalty and patent expirations. Sharpen your pencil, break out the abacus, and add your thoughts.

My Cola Has More Fizz Than Yours!
The cola wars heat up again as Fools put Coke and Pepsi to the test in comparison and analysis of the companies. Fill up a glass of your favorite cola and jump into the fray.

Nuptials, Houses, and Credit Debt
A Fool on the Credit Card board is getting ready to walk down the aisle, and she'd like to throw out her credit card debt along with the bouquet. Should she just keep paying off the plastic, or use equity in her home to make it disappear?

Reasons to Mooooooo!
There's no "cow"ering on the Gateway board as GTW announces solid earnings. Posters will enjoy milking this one as they try to figure out why GTW is doing so well in comparison to "udder" PC makers.

When the Heck Do I Sell This Thing?
Fools on the Rule Breaker Portfolio board ponder the question of how long is "long term" and when is the right time to sell a holding.

Would Apple Be Delicious?
A Fool looks for some fruit-filled reasons as to why he should suggest AAPL for his investment club, and Apple investors are happy to oblige. Stop by and voice your opinions on whether this would be a healthy addition to an investment club portfolio.

Slow MO
Why is MO languishing near its 52-week lows? Is this the time to snatch up a bargain, or a clear sign to avoid this company?

Reach Out and Touch MediaOne
@Home Fools believe that AT&T's bid to acquire UMG is positive for investors of both companies. Better get out your scorecard to keep track of the latest players in the world of acquisitions.



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