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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Competition and the Internet
A scientist tackles the popular bear argument that competition will ultimately make the Internet resemble a flea market. Click into the Amazon board and join the debate.

A New Monopoly in the Making?
Discussion on the @Home board centers around AT&T's bid for MediaOne and the implications that when it comes to Internet access, Big Ma wants it all.

It's Your Move Now, AOL
While waiting for another shoe to drop, Fools speculate about some broadband acquisitions that AOL might make to combat the cable access threat.

The Commoditization of the PC
With falling prices and lower margins, some fear computers are fast becoming commodities. The Dell board discusses whether PC makers will retain their growth-stock status.

Who Will Light the Fiber?
Is optoelectronics (huh?) too complicated for average investors to understand? Fools on the Uniphase board are working together to shed light on a complicated subject and have put together a FAQ to make it all easier for non-techie-types.

The Growth Model vs. the Value Model
If Cisco is part of the Internet Revolution, should its price to earnings ratio be relevant, or is too much emphasis being put on past performance?

When the 'Net Becomes Old Hat, What Then?
A short-seller of eBay outlines a future scenario when brick and mortar companies have replaced aging CEOs who "don't get the 'Net" with new people who will commit huge marketing budgets to going after the first-movers with a vengance.

What About Wireless?
A simple question on the AT&T board sparks some not-so-simple answers about the use of satellites for voice/data transmissions.

Behind the Curve on Digital Photo Technology
The Iomega board takes Kodak to task for clinging to yesterday's technology -- chemical processing of film -- even while it introduces tomorrow's technology with digital processing kiosks. But there may be practical reason for Kodak wanting it both ways.

Big MO -- How Low Can It Go?
A Fool on the Philip Morris board thinks this stock is no longer trading on sales and earnings, but on lawsuits. How much longer will "MO" be on the ropes?



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