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Hot Topics

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3Dfx and Video Game Violence
An anti-video game backlash could bring a series of lawsuits against the industry. Is 3Dfx vulnerable?

eBay Collects a Nickel
eBay reported earnings of five cents per share in profits after Monday's trading. Fools mull over the results.

Amazon.com: $100 Billion in Revenue in Ten Years?
One Fool thinks Bezos & Company can do it. Do you?

No Immediate Gratification
Long-term Iomega shareholders have learned to be patient. Do the glories of this company's past suggest any hope for the future?

Hey, Linux! Put Up or Shut Up!
Linux is supposed to be the next Bill Killer. But one Fool throws down a challenge to the renegade operating system's fans on the Microsoft board: "When will Linux impact MSFT revenues?"

Nietzsche and the Internet Stocks
"While I'm still very much learning about the markets, common sense tells me that you cannot use the same metrics for every sector." A Fool invokes the German scholar to examine conventional attitudes toward the roaring 'Net sector.

From Dell Customer to DELL Shareholder
Long-term satisfaction with the product and the service convinced one contributor to buy the company. Add your own thoughts.

AOL: Just Haggling About the Price
Seems like it was just, oh, about three months ago that AOL last reported its earnings. Time sure flies when you're on hold.

Mining for Fool's Gold?
A reader charges that the Foolish Four's market-beating returns are nothing more than a statistical aberration -- with no more predictive value than butter production in Bangladesh. Read this lively thread for TMF Sandy's defense!

Index Funds in an IRA
Is an S&P Index Fund the best vehicle for a risk-averse investor? Fools on the Retirement Investing board discuss.



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