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Internet for Dummies, Part Duh
AOL might be the Internet for dummies, but I don't think anyone would argue it's being run by dummies. I doubt they will let their business wither, waiting for @Home's cable contracts to expire.

Confessions of a Financial Analyst
The so-called analysis my fellow brethren have been presenting has made me sick to my stomach. They are ruining my profession's reputation. The question I have for you is....

Qwest in Disarray?
A report from inside Qwest highlights the challenges of growth through acquisition. After the deals are done, there remains the task of integrating the pieces.

Can Amazon Deliver the Goods? (Groceries, That Is.)
Following reports that Amazon has invested in an online grocer, bulls and bears alike ask the age-old question: Can I help you to your car with those bags?

@Home: Bull vs. Bull
A bullish @Home analysis is refuted -- by a bull. "Before putting a bunch of numbers together for a pie-in-the-sky estimate, examine what it is you're looking for in an investment -- and expect less."

In Defense of eBay
Been reading the posts, good vs. bad, should I invest, shouldn't I invest, is this a junk store, a flea market, it can't last, it'll get beat up by Yahoo, Amazon, Bidnow, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Well, here's my take on this....

Is Compaq IBM Compatible?
Takeover rumors glom onto distressed companies like analyst downgrades following the disclosure of bad news. Still, a pairing of Big Blue and the big red Q offers food for thought -- just take it with large grain of salt.

No Baloney. Another Iomega Challenger Goes Down
With Sony's high-capacity removable disk missing and "presumed dead," an Iomega investor says "the Zip should now have a relatively clear field."

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