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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

The Eyes Have It
Fools consider the idea of tossing away their glasses and contacts in favor of laser eye surgery. But is the procedure a Foolish investment in vision care?

Trials, Tribulations, and Microsoft
Fools are buzzing with thoughts on how Microsoft's battle with the Department of Justice will play out. Will it be the same ol' "Softy" when the dust finally settles?

Analyzing Amazon
One Fool shares his observations on Amazon's conference call and sparks an interesting discussion on the company's direction. Stop in and share your thoughts on where the future lies for the online giant.

Will Airbus Be a Plane in the Neck For Boeing?
If Airbus's mega-plane becomes a reality, Fools wonder if Boeing's wings will get clipped. Will Boeing need to compete with its own flying cruise ship, or is the whole idea just "plane" silly?

Taxing Questions on Home Buying
"I invested in a number of stocks in order to save for a home purchase later this summer. I've held several stocks for less than a year. I have a couple of questions for you tax-educated fools..."

Point Me Toward the Exit
"I follow the RS-IBD monthly screen, and would like to hear from fellow Fools about when to sell a stock." Folks on the Foolish Workshop board discuss various exit strategies for mechanical investing.

Why the Zip'd Lips At Iomega?
With Sony's HiFD noticeably absent from the storage market, investors are becoming impatient with the lack of news coming from Iomega. Some feel things will improve following PC Expo, while others suggest the wait could be even longer.

But Those Fees!
While some fees are higher than others, are fees alone a reason to eliminate a company as a DRiP candidate? Stop by the DRiP Companies board to share your thoughts on DRiP fees.

Broadband vs. Bandwidth
Fools on the ATHM board kick around the differences between broadband and bandwidth and how @Home fits in @work as well as @home.

Analyst Schmanalyst!
Home Depot investors pull no punches when it comes to their opinions of analysts and their silly company ratings. There's little tolerance for the Wise in this discussion.



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