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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

The Ups and Downs of Jumping In and Out
While it's tempting in theory, trying to sell at peaks and buy on dips can prove quite UnFoolish. Join the discussion on the EMC board on why it's better to just hold great companies and not try to time the market.

Is This Town Big 'Nuff For The Both of Us?
Amazon.com rules the roost as an online giant, but Wal-Mart has made it clear that it's coming to town to an ISP near you. Is cyberspace big enough for the two companies, or will one be sent packin'?

MO's Future: Smokin' or Getting Smoked?
Fools on the Philip Morris board debate the potential of bankruptcy for the company if individual and class action lawsuits continue. Join the discussion and voice your thoughts on the company's future.

All That Jargon!
An Oracle investor wonders what they mean by a 30-day moving average, and Fools rush in to answer the call. Is a 30-day moving average something that all investors should be watching?

Will it Stay Big? Really Big?
A potential priceline.com investor muses whether the company has the ability to gain and maintain market share in an industry that seems open to lots of competition.

Music to My Ears
RealNetworks investors discuss the ramifications of bringing digital distribution of CDs to the Internet. Can decreased costs and higher margins for the music industry be enough to allay the fears of piracy?

3Dfx Wrapped-Up In GLide
"The best way for 3Dfx to combat GLide wrappers is to make one themselves and give it away." Hot Topics admits it doesn't fully understand what that means. But if you do, glide over to the 3Dfx board, where a "proprietary vs. open standards" debate is in full tilt.

Who Makes Those Things, Anyway?
With all the chatter about cable modems, one Fool wants to know which companies actually make the hardware. Would cable modem manufacturers make for Foolish investments?

Make Me An Offer
The Buying and Maintaining a Home board addresses the question of how much one should offer when making a bid on a home. Is the home worth whatever the buyer is willing to pay, or are there tricks you should know?

Looking for Tax Havens
"I understand that U.S. citizens must report income derived from all sources, but if a U.S. citizen permanently resides outside of the United States, is income derived in these countries still subject to U.S. taxes?"

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