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Compaq: No Turnaround Soon?
With PC makers slumping and talk of industry consolidation in the air, is there hope for a resurgence at Compaq Computer?

The Dell Board's Reply
The conversation on the Compaq board spills over to Dell Computer. Cameronj argues that a number of factors are moving in Dell's favor.

When Rule Breakers Sell
David Gardner explains his Foolish reasons for deciding when it's time to sell a stock. Is he right on the money, or completely out of his tree? Tell us on the Rule Maker Portfolio message board.

Musings on Global Crossing Ltd.
Global Crossing is a 6-bagger in the last ten months. Talks of a merger with US West has investors buzzing.

The Knight/Trimark Group: Better than an Online Broker?
"I'm curious what the consensus was regarding investing in an online broker, say AMTD and/or EGRP, vs. investing in a market maker, say NITE," writes one Fool. The comparisons can be enlightening.

Berkshire Profits Slump
The numbers are out, and Berkshire's latest quarterly report shows an earnings decline of 25%. But it that the whole story?

Is AT&T the Next IBM?
The market loves IBM's latest moves toward asserting itself on the Internet. One @Home Fool sees parallels with AT&T's recent corporate swashbuckling.

Saving for Something Specific
The Living Below Your Means crowd shares some tips on goal-oriented savings.