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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Compaq: No Turnaround Soon?
With PC makers slumping and talk of industry consolidation in the air, is there hope for a resurgence at Compaq Computer?

The Dell Board's Reply
The conversation on the Compaq board spills over to Dell Computer. Cameronj argues that a number of factors are moving in Dell's favor.

When Rule Breakers Sell
David Gardner explains his Foolish reasons for deciding when it's time to sell a stock. Is he right on the money, or completely out of his tree? Tell us on the Rule Maker Portfolio message board.

Musings on Global Crossing Ltd.
Global Crossing is a 6-bagger in the last ten months. Talks of a merger with US West has investors buzzing.

The Knight/Trimark Group: Better than an Online Broker?
"I'm curious what the consensus was regarding investing in an online broker, say AMTD and/or EGRP, vs. investing in a market maker, say NITE," writes one Fool. The comparisons can be enlightening.

Berkshire Profits Slump
The numbers are out, and Berkshire's latest quarterly report shows an earnings decline of 25%. But it that the whole story?

Is AT&T the Next IBM?
The market loves IBM's latest moves toward asserting itself on the Internet. One @Home Fool sees parallels with AT&T's recent corporate swashbuckling.

Saving for Something Specific
The Living Below Your Means crowd shares some tips on goal-oriented savings.

Why Beat the Dow?
One reader questions the Foolish Four approach and its limited universe of stocks. Why not venture beyond the Dow 30 in search of more aggressive investment gains?

Heineken (Hic!)
TMF Tribe runs the numbers on the world's largest green-bottle brewer. Pop open a cold one and join the conversation in the Rule Maker Companies folder!

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