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Iomega: Where are the Clik! OEMs?
"It would be a relief to the small investor to see Iomega move from the rumors, winks, and promises stage to something more concrete." Iomegans are growing impatient for the company's Clik! technology to show some results.

@Home's Advertising Relationships
One investor on the @Home board is doing something revolutionary: reading the company prospectus. Imagine the things you learn when you read the fine print -- especially when a Community of Fools is there to help you through it.

Amazon One Year Later
Goruk unearths some year-old remarks from those who then dared to predict Amazon.com's future. Funny how ridiculous a market call can look after twelve months, eh?

Quality Is the Starbucks Advantage
A restaurant manager tells a compelling story about the loyalty coffee drinkers have for their Starbucks.

TDFX and its Advertising
With public opinion turning against video games and their perceived connection to teen violence, is 3Dfx Interactive facing an image crisis?

Federal Express: Absolutely, Positively a Rule Maker?
The legendary number-crunchers on the Rule Maker Companies board take a close look at the overnight delivery giant.

Shedding Some (Fluorescent) Light
You think you're Living Below Your Means? Ha! Guess again. You're not really pinching pennies until you've compared conventional light bulbs to low-wattage fluorescents!

An Unreasonable Request?
Is a bank being unreasonable when it insists on a reappraisal of a home when a line of credit has already been established? Check out the responses on the Credit Card board and find out what the Community says.

"I Bought -- Now What??"
A new Fool explains the value of careful preparation when choosing an approach to investing. Join the conversation in the Foolish Workshop board.

Standing on Ceremony
A young Fool writes: "In two weeks I will graduate high school. I have chosen not to attend my graduation ceremonies. My parents are less than happy about this." Look into the Land of Off-Topic Posts, where Fools talk about everything, sooner or later.

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