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Is Buffett Losing His Touch?
A UK Fool laments Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of Allied Domecq, a London-based diversified consumer goods company with a market-losing position in the spirits category. In a market where No. 1 brands are vital, is Warren drinking the wrong beverage, or is there a donut somewhere in his plan?

Vanishing Bullish Arguments
Have the arguments from the Amazon bullpen started to wear thin? This contributor to the company's board thinks so and addresses 5 (count 'em) of the Amazon bull's favorite -- but "vanishing" -- arguments. Are Amazon's days also numbered?

Starbucks' "Great" Business Model?
Fool LeiLei13 takes a look at Starbucks' business model and gets steamed over its razor-thin margins. Does this company need to pour so much back into the business in order to maintain that "Starbucks Experience?"

AOL and Cendant? The AOL View
It just doesn't make sense. If I were on AOL's board, you'd have a pretty difficult time convincing me this is a good decision.

AOL and Cendant? The Cendant View
Sounds like too wild a rumor to have any basis in truth, even without specifying a price.

Pfizer's Financials, Foolishly Followed
I saw Pfizer's financial release today and am for the most part pleased with the results from 1Q99. All in all, a solid balance sheet.

Why Is Share Cost Important?
An engineer admits to his "soul being bothered" that the RP Valuation Strategy is based on price. Fools in the Dow Investing/Foolish Four folder offer explanations to soothe the soul of a pragmatist.

Oracle's P/E as a Reality Base
A Fool looks at Oracle's P/E for the coming year. "Obviously, an appropriate question for investors who are not just rolling the dice. I thought I would see if there is support for price increases. Or is the hype of the product and market the only support?"

More Psychology of Investing
In a continuing discussion of David Gardner's recent article, Fool chrisbene looks at how to make decisions without illusions and suggests that, if the market is essentially unpredictable, good results can occur despite bad decisions.

Clothes Make the (Harley) Man
Motorcycle enthusiast HainesR relates a hair-raising encounter between his Sporty and an errant Oldsmobile on his way to Bike Week. The Fool may have missed out on meeting the Buell Demo Team, but his safety gear saved the day -- if not his leg.

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