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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

See Ya, Cisco!
There's no lack of opinions on the Boring Stocks board after news that the Boring Portfolio is selling Cisco. Join the discussion to voice your thoughts on whether this trade is Foolish or foolish.

I'm This Close
"I did read the FAQ and skimmed lots of postings. I also read the annual letter to shareholders, and I think I would be happy to own BRK well into retirement if not for life." A beginning investor believes that Berkshire Hathaway may just be the right place at the right time, but wouldn't mind a few thoughts from others on the subject.

Paying For That Home
A new home buyer wonders how much flexibility exists with amortization schedules. "I haven't made calculations, but my (somewhat limited) thinking seems to tell me I'll be much better off if I pay off 100% principal first before paying ANY interest -- that way I have much less interest to deal with."

A Gathering of Amazon Shareholders
One Fool reports back from Seattle after attending Amazon.com's shareholder meeting, shares some of the highlights with fellow investors, and finds it fun, low key, and informal.

Still DELL-icious to Me
How's DELL been tasting to you lately? A Dell investor explains why he's staying the course with DELL and why he feels there's nothing wrong with the company.

Coping With Compaq
A poster puts out the call to others to convince him as to why CPQ would be a good investment. "I'd really like to hear from you longs on these issues. This is the nuts and bolts of investing, and from where I'm sitting CPQ is derailed."

King of the Jungle?
Fools on the Disney board discuss the previews of Tarzan, and the consensus is the animated feature is no "cheetah". Will the release prove to be the blockbuster investors are hoping for?

Clik! vs. Flash Memory
An IOM investor expresses concerns on the future of Clik! and wonders whether it will be a consumer's choice over flash memory. "Why would a digital camera user want a somewhat clunky Clik! drive when he can buy a flash memory card that fits into the camera, holds more pictures, and is cheaper than a Clik! drive??"

So Who's in the Driver's Seat?
Some suggest that current trends place ATHM and AT&T in the driver's seat. Could it be that AOL needs them more than they need AOL?

Fragile Situation
A Yahoo! investor makes an interesting case as he analyzes the company to show why he's short on this Internet stock.

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