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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Being Patient With AOL
An AOL investor suggests that being a patient investor means being a patient buyer as well. Is it better to jump in with both feet or test the water first?

Compaq: Derision About Divisions
CPQ is splitting into divisions, and some Fools just don't like what they're hearing while other Fools say this is the right move for the company.

Amazon's Debt
An Amazon Fool sparks discussion by comparing the company's total debt with other Internets. Conclusion? AMZN is a clear leader at borrowing money.

Singing the Oracle Blues
"My company switched to Oracle and the software is cumbersome, unwieldy, buggy and extremely slow." Does this poster need his own oracle to get things back the way they were?

eBay: Can Branding Hold Up to Future Competition?
An eBay Fool makes the bid that eventually everyone will offer auctions, and this company's novelty will fade. "Within a year or two every Internet-only business will have thousands of competitors just like the non-Internet world, you fellow fools!"

Cisco's Unlimited Potential
A Cisco Fool in a small law office projects there must be millions just like him who sees Cisco's networks as the perfect solution. Stop by to share your thoughts on whether Cisco leaves the competitors in the dust.

Cisco and Qwest Team Up
Fools are talking about the latest partnership deal between Cisco and Qwest, but not everyone is excited over the news. Is this really a major event, or just a PR spin?

No Apology Needed For Iomega, Thank You
"Do you think David Gardner moves markets? The Fool is a great resource when used properly. But I make my own choices, and therefore my own mistakes."

Up in the Air on How Much to Put Down
A future home buyer is trying to get finances in order and wonders how much is needed for a typical down payment.

Taxing Questions
Sharpen the pencils and check out the responses as Fools answer a poster's problem on how to calculate capital gains and capital losses.

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