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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Amazon, Hypothetically
An Amazon bear looks at the company's long-term potential for revenues and profit, and doubts that the company will ever generate enough income to sustain its share price. "Tell me where I'm wrong," he dares.

Dark Days for Iomega
"We have been watching this company quietly be dismantled. The old structure is gone, and key elements of the leadership are gone, and new products are dribbling out the door from a company that looks embarrassed to advertise them."

A Brit's View of Coca-Cola
Contamination fears in Belgium have shaken public confidence in this mighty brand throughout Europe. A Fool posting from close to the scene reports.

Oracle as a Linux Play
"Linux is a disturbance in the force," comments one Fool. With Microsoft looking increasingly paranoid about this upstart operating system, is Oracle in a position to gain?

A Wave Systems Presentation
Red324beard posts his notes and commentary from WAVX's recent "road show" in Boston.

AOL's New Generation of Investors
Are investors in Internet companies really aware of the risks they are taking? Fools on the America Online message board debate.

Credit Cards on Campus
"Has anyone heard of a campaign to remove these credit applications from a campus?" Fools on Aruba's Isle of Revenge wonder if there are ways to keep predatory lenders away from those who could be most vulnerable.

ATHM: Monopoly's Choice
"In tonight's episode, Don't Cry For Me, the roles of Martyred Capitalist Visionary and Pro Bono Vox Populi will be played alternately by C. Michael Armstrong and Stephen M. Case." Who stands to win in this melodrama?

Father's Day on the Women's Own Board
"His memory is so fresh and I see him now in nearly every old man who passes by. I see the halting walk, the peering gaze, the fragile breath, and the inevitable sadness like a burden he carried in those last years after Mom died."

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